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Tree Maintenance

With professional ongoing care, your trees can stay healthy and maintain a natural shape.  Winter is an excellent time for tree maintenance as most species are dormant at this time.  Don’t just think of tree care when leaves are on your trees.

Our Services

  • Obligation free quotes
  • Tree removal and stump grinding
  • Tree pruning i.e. shaping, canopy thinning & lifting, & dead wood removal
  • Tree replacement with established trees
  • Town Planning Applications (Melbourne wide)


  • Condition & hazard assessment reports
  • Construction impact reports, development applications and town planning permits

Tree Removal

Trees may need to be removed for a variety of reasons.  They can become dangerous due to sickness and disease, or they just may have reached the end of their life span.  Trees in suburban areas can easily outgrow their location, or have been unsuitable for it.  Tree roots can threaten services and foundations, and falling branches can be a danger to structures and people.  Arborform’s qualified arborists can advise you about tree removal.  We can also provide written reports and other consultative services where required, and we can assist with suitable replacement trees.

Stump Removal

Stumps can be left in situ, or ground out at the time of tree removal.  If you have stumps left in the ground on your property they can be a trip hazard or an obstacle to replacement plantings or landscaping.  Rotting stumps can also form a disease hazard to surrounding vegetation.  Stump removal must be done correctly so that underground services are not damaged.  Arborform’s complete tree service means that we are equipped to remove stumps of all sizes from most difficult locations.


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